Video: Windows 8 Features

Microsoft announced Windows 8 yesterday and shared a lot of the details about the new OS. Lifehacker was nice enough to take that keynote and make it eight minutes long with just the stuff you want to hear about. I have embedded the video below. Windows 8 definitely has some very cool features.

Video: I’m a PC and I’m Gonna Kill Him

Microsoft has started another I’m a PC ad campaign. The video below is the first new video and I wanted to point it out. They setup a computer store in her house and she gets to buy a new computer. The worse part is the last line: “I’m a PC and I’m Gonna Kill Him”. […]

Microsoft Kinect Teardown

ifixit did a teardown of the new Microsoft Kinect sensor. There is some interesting information in the teardown like 2 sensors that monitor depth and 1 sensor that does facial recognition. There are also 4 microphones inside. That’s impressive for such a small device. Still wish Kinect would have been wireless. But that might be […]

Office 2011 for Mac Available for Volume Licensing

I got an email today that Office 2011 is available for companies that use volume licensing. I downloaded it immediately and installed it. So far I’m very impressed with the new version. More at MadeForMac

Silverlight Getting SRS Surround Sound

Good news for Silverlight streaming is it will be getting SRS Surround Sound. The best case for this is Netflix streaming. I don’t stream on my laptop or handhelds, I stream from devices connected to my TV. I have been wanting 5.1 surround sound for awhile. Something always seemed a little off streaming HD video […]

Windows Home Server “Vail” Adds Mac Support

The new version of Windows Home Server codenamed Vail supports Mac. This is great news for people like me that use both Windows and Mac at home. I have been building how-tos since 2008 on getting the current Windows Home Server to work with Mac. You can see version 1, 2 and 3. It’s obvious […]