microsoft xbox

old xbox, new appleTV interface Turn your original xbox into a AppleTV look alike. It has happened and looks good. Now you have something to do with that old xbox that is collecting dust. You have to have a modded xbox for this to work. Check out the videos below. Click here for the full instructions. [youtube=”>

Original xbox and Vista MCE

thegreenbutton.comDo you want up grade to Vista but want your original xbox to access your media files? Take a look at this thread that will walk you through the steps so your xbox can still get all of those digital files. I haven’t tried it but it doesn’t look that difficult.

xbox on/off from the remote

The original xbox price now is very reasonable. You can find them for around $40 to $50 online. These make inexpensive media center extenders. For anyone that has set one of these up as an extender knows that from the remote you can’t turn on or off the xbox. Now you can fix that fairly […]