HP MediaSmart Server 3.0 Available for EX47x and EX48x Owners

HP is making the 3.0 software available for EX480/475/485 and 487 owners. The upgrade isn’t free but $25 isn’t bad for all the new features. You also need at least 1GB of memory for some features to work. Now you don’t have to be behind the EX49x owners. This is a good move by HP […]

Show Off Your MediaSmart Server has a thread going on right now with lots of pictures of peoples MediaSmart Servers. There are two people with over 20TB of storage. The pictures above shows the hard disks for 28TB. He says he has 12TB more ordered. That’s a lot of space to store stuff. Some pretty cool setups and conversation […]

Build the Popcorn Hour into Your MediaSmart Server

A member of the MediaSmart Server community has stuffed a popcorn hour into his MediaSmart Server case.  Not only is this a very cool idea, he did a great job with customizing the case.  He did loose one of the four drive bays with the mod.  Like he said 3TB of storage should be alright. […]

Review: HP MediaSmart Server Paul Thurrott has reviewed the new HP MediaSmart server. Like all of his reviews there is a lot of information as he goes over every part. One interesting note is that the HP MediaSmart has a built in iTunes server which I had not heard yet. It doesn’t work with iTunes DRM protected tracks […]