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XBMC for AppleTV2, iPad and iPhone

The XBMC team released a version for the AppleTV2, iPad and iPhone. This isn’t a streamer, it’s the full version of XBMC. That means no transcoding, you get full hardware decoding of 720p/1080p content. I was planning on installing it on my AppleTV2 but I didn’t have time this weekend. If you want to try […]

Increase Windows Media Center Tuner Limit with TunerSalad

TunerSalad allows you to increase the tuner limit of Windows Media Center with just one click. It’s a free program but accepts donations. The limit in Windows Media Center is 4 tuners and the program will allow you to increase to 8 tuners. That’s good news if you plan on buying these new CableCard tuners […]

Boxee Movie Libraries

Boxee added Movie Library to the Boxee Beta. It’s like the TV Show Library, allowing you to add titles to your queue for later viewing. There aren’t any major labels but there is still a lot of content on there. I’m sure this is just a start. EZTakes No more searching high and low for […]

MyMovies for SageTV Available

The popular MyMovies add-in for Windows Media Center has made it so SageTV. MyMovies is a movie management software that provides you will all the details about the movie including the cover art. MyMovies uses a client server so you can have the server hold the main database while all your other machines can pull […]

Ceton InfiniTV 4 Review

The Digital Media Zone got the chance to review the Ceton InfiniTV 4. Just like the first review I posted of the card, they loved it. The Ceton card costs $399 but when you compare that to other cable and satellite DVR setups it’s not bad. The card gives you the ability to record 4 […]

Video: Production Boxee Box

The Boxee Box is getting close to being available for order. The final production model was sent to Boxee. It still looks good and it said in the video that it will ship in November. The video is below for you to check out. The first Box arrived from the Boxee Factory from Zach Klein […]