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Video: Linksys DMA2200 setup

Below is a 2 part video of unboxing and setup of the Linksys DMA2200. The DMA2200 is the one that includes the upconvert DVD player. I still haven’t broken down and bought an extender yet. But they sure look nice. Part 1:[youtube=″> Part 2:

Video: Linksys DMA2100

The above video is an unboxing of the Linksys DMA2100. (via Ian Dixon)

Interested in the Linksys Media Center extenders?

There are a couple of threads going on over at The Green Button with lots of information about the two Linksys Media Center Extenders. People that have them are sharing their experiences and answering questions that people have. Before you buy I one I would suggest heading over there and reading through the threads. The […]

Video: Samsung Media Center Extender

Ian Dixon has a video of the new Samsung Media Center Extender. The Samsung extender is different than the others because it requires a Samsung TV to use it. But if your looking to buy a new TV it might be worth picking up the extender for an extra $199. (via Ian Dixon)

Video: HP Media Center Extender and TV

I remember when there was talk of HP ditching the Media Center line. This video shows a lot of Media Center things HP is working on. HP is putting a lot of effort into making Windows Media Center better. The video was taken at CES by Ian Dixon. (via Ian Dixon)

V2 Media Center Extenders are arriving The second version of Windows media center extenders are showing up at people’s houses. Eb Bott recieved his already and has some additional info about it. The one feature I like is speed. It takes 10-12 seconds to go from pushing the power button to the Media Center interface. That is something that people […]