Media Center Edition

Which one: Vista MCE or MCE 2005?

Which Windows Media Center is the right one? I’ll start off with a generic answer, it depends. The reason I say that is because it’s personal preference. For me I would upgrade to Vista MCE. There are questions below to help you decide if you should upgrade or not. There are a lot of questions […]

MythTV vs. Windows Media Center

VS. Well I posted about the TVease media center computers. Well they have a article about mythTV vs. windows media center. Well let me just say I wasn’t very happy when I went there. It isn’t a vs. for nothing more than screen shots. They have some side by sides of windows media center […]

Custom Media Center Popular Mechanics has a build of a media center pc. They use some nice parts but I think they left off a bit. Especially with the amount of money they spent they could have done better. I think they should have added a HD input card. The graphics card is HD but it doesn’t […]

The media center store I have never been to that website before but I wish I had been. They have a ton of things to buy for your Media Center. If you don’t have a Media Center the site has everything that you need to build your own or just buy a pre built one. And I checked […]

Digital Media: Who has the lead?

For some time now Apple has been the leader in providing digital media. That’s because of their iPod lineup. The iPod has continued to get better with battery life, size, and styles. You can find an iPod that fits any type of person. But now the big company, Microsoft, is stepping into the game where […]

MCE meet iTunes Well having my iTunes music on my MCE is now possible. Using mcetunes you can sync your iTunes music with MCE. I haven’t tried this yet. I’m hoping to have it installed and tested this weekend. If others have used it let me know. I would love to hear what you think of it. […]