Linux MCE I haven’t used this yet, but I have heard lots of people talking about it. I use Ubuntu for a few things and first heard about this because Ubuntu was bundling it with it. It has a nice feature list and some nice graphics. It is designed for full house media setup. If your […]

HP MCE no more

HP is dropping the media center lineup. I think this is a bad move on their part. They are developing their own MediaSmart line that functions like Windows Media Center. My guess is that Microsoft was taking too long to really market Windows Media Center. Unlike some of Microsoft’s other hardware and software, Media Center […]

Vista media center commercial skip Over at missing remote there is a post about how to fix commercial skip in Windows Vista. Most people that used MCE 2005 regularly had this installed on their machine. Now you can have it if you have upgraded to vista. He even has directions on how to get it to work with an […]

Hava Gold HD with MCE,48242.shtml Earth Times has some more info on the Hava Gold HD. All of the Hava streamers have MCE support. I’m curious on what this actually means. The article says that you can use the Hava Gold HD as a tuner for your MCE. It will show up on your MCE machine as an available […]

Yougle for MCE

Well if your like me then you like to watch videos on YouTube and Google videos. It kills time and some of them are pretty damn funny. You can watch them with a little program called Yougle on your Windows Media Center. Now the software is still in beta but it works well. I had […]

2 room MCE setup

Well I have been working on my Windows media center setup at home. I got a new Thermaltake Armor case that I wanted to use as the media center server. It has lots of room for hard drives to store all that digital media. Well let me get into the details. The server has an […]