Office 2011 for Mac Available for Volume Licensing

I got an email today that Office 2011 is available for companies that use volume licensing. I downloaded it immediately and installed it. So far I’m very impressed with the new version. More at MadeForMac

Windows Home Server “Vail” Adds Mac Support

The new version of Windows Home Server codenamed Vail supports Mac. This is great news for people like me that use both Windows and Mac at home. I have been building how-tos since 2008 on getting the current Windows Home Server to work with Mac. You can see version 1, 2 and 3. It’s obvious […]

Elgato Releases the EyeTV HD

Elgato released the EyeTV HD for cable and satellite HD content. It takes the component output on your set top box and feeds it into your computer, allowing you to record in HD with the EyeTV software. The EyeTV software is pretty slick along with the iPhone app that will allow you to stream to […]

Plex Gives Sneak Peak at New Version

Plex posted a video, which I have embedded below, of the new version. They are calling it Alexandria. The video covers new media management which is looking really good. You can also share media across computers that have Plex running. They say this is just the tip of the iceberg so they must have some […]

Version 3: Use Time Machine with Windows Home Server

I have continued to work with people on getting Time Machine setup and working with your Windows Home Server. I’m calling these new directions version 3 and it’s easier than the last steps that required an applescript. The reason why the applescript wasn’t working in version 2 is that some people had a Windows partition […]

Google Buys BumpTop

BumpTop, which is a 3D desktop environment for Windows and Mac, has been sold to Google. I always thought BumpTop was cool to play around with but I couldn’t image it making me more productive. I’m still not sure what Google has planned for the software. The video below shows it in action. If you […]