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The NEW Mac Mini

Yep you read it right. The NEW Mac mini. I for one am excited that Apple didn’t make a big mistake and cancel the Mac mini. For someone that wants a Mac HTPC it is perfect. It also allows someone to get into the Mac world for under $600. I just wish I could get […]

Mac Mini HTPC I have tried to fall in love with the Mac Mini as a media center. But it just didn’t work for me as I hoped. If your still wanting that Mac Mini hooked up to your TV then I suggest reading that article. There is some good information that will get you started.

From Mac Mini to Windows MCE Recently I setup a Mac Mini as a media center for my girlfriend. You can read about it above. I bought an eyeTV to record all the shows. I also hacked some files to get frontrow running on my G4 mac mini. While the Mac Mini was nice it wasn’t all there. There are […]

Mac Mini as a media server Here is a nice part 1 of how to setup your Mac Mini as a media server. This article is only for people with the Intel Mac Mini’s but it’s really easy to follow.

Mac Mini Media Center This is a nice article on what software to use on you Mac Mini. The vote was for Media Central. I have mentioned Media Central on here before but without tuner support it gets a no vote for me. I want to be able to record TV not buy it. Read the article for […]

Mac Mini or AppleTV?

I have seen post all over the place about the AppleTV. Usually with the post there is someone that post a comment about getting a Mac Mini for a little more than the AppleTV. For some cases I agree. The Mac Mini is going to offer a better experience with more options. Even with the […]