Mac Book Pro

MacBook Pro MagSafe adapters being replaced

I posted about the MagSafe adapters going bad back in May. Like I said in the previous post we had 2 of them do this. They actually started melting the insulation around the wire. AppleInsider is reporting that Apple isn’t shipping the 85watt with the MacBook Pros as they work on a fix for the […]

MacBook Pro battery gone bad

This computer came into our office the other day. It is the first MacBook Pro that I have seen with the expanding battery. Below are the pictures. The interesting thing is the battery expanding even more as we were waiting for the new one to show up. It at least doubled in size from that […]

MBP bent from falling

This guy has to fall really hard in order to bend the laptop like that. He said that the estimate to fix it would be $629, but I think it will be a lot higher then that. It will be double that if he damaged the LCD screen. And that’s why I like students to […]