Video: Celebrating 20 Years of Linux

It’s kind of surprising that Linux is going to be 20 years old. For most people they don’t even realize that so many devices they use everyday use Linux. I think they put together a great video together. Video below.

Video: Nokia N810 Controlling LinuxMCE

The video below shows a Nokia N810 controlling LinuxMCE. Pretty cool idea to use the N810 as a remote control. It’s using Maemo Orbiter and he is already working on a version for the N900. I wonder if it will work with the N800 since that’s what I have. (via Smart Home Blog)

Hulu Desktop for Linux Released

Hulu released a Linux version of it’s desktop software. It works with Fedora and Ubuntu. I’m surprised to see a Linux version showing up by Hulu but I’m glad it’s available. The video below shows the Linux version in action. It’s not available in Ubuntu’s package manager so you will have to keep an eye […]

Rock Your Baby to Sleep with a Linux Computer

Some might question a geeks parenting skills but that’s probably because they are jealous they have to manual rock the baby to sleep. I true geek uses a old Linux computer, a CD Rom drive and a string. While you are manual rocking your baby to sleep the geek will be on the laptop taking […]

Linux to look like Mac OS X Leopard I posted how to make Windows look like Mac awhile back. The link above will show you how to make Linux look like Leopard. Again I’m not sure why you would want to do this. I personally like the different looks of the different OSes. If I wanted the Leopard look I would use […]

Intel launches mobile linux project Intel has launched a mobile and internet Linux project website. Some of the projects include Ubuntu mobile, Red Flag Midinux, and Pepper Linux. This sounds like a really cool idea. These projects will be open source and will give the user a better interface with better interoperability between components.