Netgear Releases Push2TV

The Netgear Push2TV will wirelessly stream content from your laptop to your HDTV. Whatever is playing on your laptop shows up on the TV. This is cool technology if you have all the right parts. It uses Intel Wireless Display technology for the data transfer. That will be available on select laptops using Core i5 […]

Video: Dell Adamo XPS

When is a laptop too thin? I like the outside appearance, with screen closed, of the Dell Adamo XPS but once it opens up it looks like it was smashed and the internals busted out the sides and back. Compared to other thin 13″ laptops it is wider and longer. For example the MacBook Air, […]

Firefox 3.6 Works with Accelerometer

The video above is Firefox 3.6 repositioning web pages using the laptops accelerometer. I’m having a hard time thinking of the benefits to this but it looks really cool. The accelerometer is built into laptops to protect hard drives from falls or if you decide to shake it. I’m sure there will be some games […]

Use a Flash Drive as a Computer Alarm

This a really cool how-to on protecting your laptop with a flash drive. Working on a college campus people are always asking about ways to secure their laptops in the dorms. I’m sure everyone has a old flash drive laying around and if you don’t they are extremely cheap. The software is called LAlarm and […]

Dell Latitude Z

Dell Latitude Z from Gizmodo on Vimeo. The Dell Latitude Z got the hands on treatment by Gizmodo. Our Dell rep, where I work, mentioned this about a year ago. It seems it took some extra time to get everything working well. The best part about the Latitude Z is the wireless technology. You can […]

Multi-Touch on Dell XT

Dell will be releasing a firmware update for multi-touch on the Dell XT.  I’m a little disappointed because I have access to about every Dell laptop but this one.  I’ll have to place a call to the Dell Rep and see if I can’t get one to borrow for awhile.  The video below shows some […]