Video: Androidify and Kinect Dance

Combining Androidify and Kinect to make a techno dance video. It must have gained a lot of interest for Androidify since the site wasn’t loading correctly for me. The app is free in the Android market. (via Engadget)

Video: Play Angry Birds with Kinect Using KinEmote

With a program called KinEmote you can play Angry Birds using Kinect. It still uses a wireless controller but it’s great to see what people are coming up with for Kinect hacks. KinEmote also allows you to control several media center applications with the wave of your hand. It’s a Windows download and looks like […]

The New Xbox 360 and Kinect

Microsoft had a pretty big day today. Lots of new things came out at E3. First they launched the new look of the Xbox 360 with slimmer size, bigger hard drive and wireless. It was time for them to refresh the look and I think it looks really good. Second they announced Kinect, which was […]