Add Joost to Windows Media Center

Joost is one of the best IPTV programs out there. With version 1 came some new features and more content. But no one wants to watch all those TV shows sitting in front of a computer monitor. With the program, which is in beta, you can add a Joost button to the Windows Media Center […]

Comparing Joost, VeohTV, Babgelgum and Democracy

TV Squad This is a nice post comparing Joost, VeohTV, Babelgum and Democracy. There is also a link in the article by another blogger comparing them. Lots of good information to help you choose your Internet TV program. Or you can just install all of them and use them. And that’s why the one program […]

Want Joost? GigaOM has got more Joost invites if you don’t have one. I got mine from them last time they did this. Click here for the invite page.