iTunes Special Announcement Tomorrow

“Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget.” That’s what is posted on the front page of To take over the front page of Apple it must be something big. There are a couple rumors that hold some ground about what is coming. The first is the Wall Street Journal is saying the […]

Stream iTunes Music to the Roku Box

You can now stream your iTunes music to your Roku box with MP3tunes. If you don’t have a Roku box you can get $30 off one and a free premium account with MP3tunes on their website. There is a video demo below. Press Release: MP3tunes and Roku Partner To Bring Personal iTunes Music Collection To […]

Sync iTunes Music with Android Phone

Syncing iTunes music with your Android phone is actually very simple. All you need is DoubleTwist, which is a media manager application that allows you to sync iTunes content with it. Since you can’t directly connect you Android phone to iTunes you have to go with the middleman software to accomplish it. DoubleTwist does offer […]

Sync iTunes Music with Microsoft KIN

The KIN Media Sync by Mark/Space allows you to sync iTunes playlists with your KIN from your Mac. It also works with photos and videos as well. It will convert the videos to work with the KIN. I have used Mark/Space software in the past and it works very well. It’s nice to see them […]

Spotify Now Allows You to Upload iTunes Libraries

First Spotify isn’t available in the US, unless you know what you’re doing with your IP address. The new version of Spotify allows you to upload your iTunes Libraries so you can access them anywhere. That’s good news if Spotify doesn’t have some of the tracks in your collection. It will also allow you to […]

Apple Acquires Lala

The New York Times is reporting that Apple has acquired music streaming service Lala. I’m hoping this is good news and that Apple will launch a streaming music service. The bad in the short term is that Apple will probably shut down Lala in order to make the switch to whatever they have planned. Other […]