Review: iPod Nano 5th Generation

I have been playing with the iPod Nano Video or 5th generation for a couple of weeks now. It has to be one of the best iPods I have used besides the Touch. With its $149 starting price, it’s hard to beat with what it has to offer. I don’t want to focus on the […]

New iTunes and iPods Today

Today was Apples big announcement on the new products coming out. The iPod Nano now has a camera, built-in fm tuner, bigger screen and the size got smaller. The iPod touch got a price drop for the 8GB and new sizes of 32GB and 64GB. The best part in my opinion was the new iTunes. […]

Review: EOS Wireless

http://eoswireless.com/I had the chance to play around with the EOS Wireless ipod speaker system. I have lots of pictures below of what comes in the box. I was surprised when I opened it by the small size of the speaker system. You can really put the speakers about anywhere you want and they won’t get […]

Connect iPod to xbox 360

http://reviews.digitaltrends.com/guide75.html Here is an article on how to connect your iPod to your xbox 360. It seems really easy to do. I don’t have a 360 so I can’t confirm it works or how cool it is. I can just tell you it looks cool.

EOS Wireless

http://www.eoswireless.com/ EOS Wireless now has their website open. They also have the prices and they come in black or white. The prices are decent starting out at $299 for the base station and one speaker. Additional speakers are $129. The prices are good for a expandable full house setup. They aren’t shipping yet but you […]

Apple Monopoly?

http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/?p=4207 Well I have said in the past that I would really like to try out other digital resources online but the amount of content I have through Apple would make it a difficult switch. But with the release that Apple is being sued for having a digital Monopoly things could change. It really isn’t […]