iPod Touch

PadRacer Uses iPhones to Control iPad Race

PadRacer is an iPad game that uses iPhones or iPod touch to steer the cars. The game graphics isn’t anything breathtaking but it’s the idea of the using iPhones and iPod Touches that is worth a look. I see a lot more games hitting the app store that use iPhones and iPod Touches as controllers. […]

Wirelessly Sync Your iPhone with iTunes

There is a new iPhone app that would allow you to sync your iPhone to iTunes wirelessly. The program is called Wifi Sync. The problem is it hasn’t been approved by Apple for the App Store and it probably won’t be. Wireless syncing is a feature I have wanted for a long time, along with […]

Re Universal Remote for iPhone

Re universal remote is a dongle for your iPhone or iPod Touch that send IR commands. It’s not cheap at $70 but will allow you to get rid of those other remotes laying around. I personally would rather have a Harmony for around the same price that I could use without looking at it. Touchscreen […]

My Movies for iPhone

My Movies is the very popular movies database for Windows Media Center. It is now available on the iTunes store to make organizing your movies on the go easier. It will sync data between your phone and your computer. Right now there is a free version but plans are in place to limit that version […]

Use RemoteX for iPhone to Control 12 Windows Media Players

RemoteX is a iPhone/iPod Touch app that allows you to control 12 different Windows media players. Programs like XBMC, VLC, Windows Media Player and iTunes. The lite version of the app is free while the full app is 99 cents. The video below gives a little demo of it and they used the lite version. […]

GPS Functionality On The iPod Touch

The one feature I have been wanting on the iPod Touch, well the iPad too, is GPS. Location based services are hot right now and will continue to grow. TUAW has a write up for getting GPS functionality on the Touch. No it’s not built-in and hidden. No it won’t work unless you jailbreak the […]