A Few Days with the Verizon iPhone

This isn’t going to be a review of the iPhone, that’s because it has been around for 8 months now. There are reviews everywhere. I just wanted to share some initial thoughts on the phone, especially since I have been a happy Droid user for awhile now. The reason for switching to the Verizon iPhone […]

Video: Apple “Two is Better Than One” Commercial

While AT&T and Verizon will continue to bash each other in commercials, Apple is just happy they will sell millions of new iPhone. Below is the first commercial Apple has released to show the iPhone on both carriers.

Video: Verizon iPhone Commercial

Verizon released it’s first iPhone commercial. Not really sure they need to spend marketing dollars on the iPhone. Video below.

Video: iOS 4.3 Beta New Features

Apple posted the iOS 4.3 beta. You can’t get it unless your a developer but people were kind enough to share some of the new features. Check out the video below.

The Daily Show Attacks AT&T Network

The Verizon iPhone now provides another network to get the iPhone on but its brought a lot of bad publicity for AT&T. The Daily Show attacked their network and how many dropped calls they have. I don’t use AT&T so I haven’t experienced how good or bad it has been. Below is the clip from […]

Netflix Now Streaming on iPhone and iPod Touch

You can now get your Netflix fix on your iPhone or iPod touch. Netflix released a iPhone app that allows you to stream content, even over 3G. Go to the iTunes store to get it now. The app is free but you need at least the $8.99 plan to stream. Video demo below: Netflix iPhone […]