Hulu Plus Available on Xbox 360 Tomorrow

I posted a demo video of Hulu on Xbox 360 a couple of weeks ago. We all knew it was coming and tomorrow is the day Hulu arrives on the Xbox 360. As a bonus if you are a Xbox Live Gold member you will get a week of viewing for free. I posted the […]

Hulu Plus Available on Roku

Hulu Plus has made its way to the Roku box. I haven’t subscribed to Hulu Plus so I haven’t been able to play around with it. But Mari from ZatzNotFunny did get a chance to play around with it. The content isn’t what it should be for a paid service, which is the main reason […]

Hulu Plus Now $7.99

Hulu Plus now has a $7.99 price tag. They dropped the monthly fee from $9.99. The service is now available for everyone to take advantage of. The good news is if you are a early adopter they are refunding your money for the previous months. They are even offering a 1 week trial if you […]

Hulu Plus Coming to Roku

Looks like the Roku box will be the first set-top to get Hulu Plus streaming. NewTeeVee found information on the Roku website that stated that it was coming. That information has been pulled now but NewTeeVee has the excerpts. While I have doubted Roku and how they can compete with all the new players, I’m […]

Hulu Plus on PS3 Review

Gizmodo reviewed the new Hulu Plus service on the PS3. Right now you have to have the Playstation plus service which costs money in order to try it out. Hulu Plus looks good and preforms well on the PS3. But I keep hearing about the old catalog isn’t the greatest. I’m hoping by the time […]

Get Access to Hulu on Android 2.2

If you have a Nexus One running Android 2.2 you can access Hulu. It’s nothing fancy and you don’t have to hack your phone to get access to it. AbsolutelyAndroid has the directions on getting it going. I’m still patiently waiting for my Droid to get 2.2. (via Mashable)