Xbox to HTPC Hacks

If you’re like me you still have a old Xbox laying around. I don’t use it but after reading over the Xbox to HTPC hacks at hackaday, I’m thinking I need to do something with it. While XBMC isn’t going to give you everything in a media center, it will give you a great look […]

Remotely Possible for iPhone to Control Your HTPC

Remotely Possible is a iPhone/iPod Touch that lets you control your Windows based computer including your HTPC. The app is $2.99 but seems like a really good deal for what it does. It can detect your Windows based computers on the network and auto-connect to them. It allows you to launch apps like Windows Media […]

It’s Time To Get a HTPC

There are a whole lot of media streamers on the market but they can be limited in what they can do. It might be time to step up to a HTPC to cover your needs. The new Atom and ION chips make getting HTPC a lot cheaper and with more power. Gizmodo has a great […]

Deal: SiliconDust HDHomeRun HDHR

The SiliconDust HDHomeRun HDHR is on sale right now for only $124 with free shipping. The HDHomeRun is a dual qam network tuner. It works with Windows, Mac and Linux. I know a lot of people use these with MythTV, Windows Media Center or SageTv and absolutely love them. It does come with software but […]

Could Be The Ultimate HTPC Remote

This awesome little wireless touchpad/keyboard would be perfect for a HTPC. It’s only $62 which makes up for its appearance. It’s made by USB Geek and requires just a small receiver on the computer. # Features: Full-featured RF keyboard with Touchpad # 48 keys QWERTY format handheld style keyboard # 2.8″ (7cm) touchpad with left […]

Sky Player Launched Today for Windows Media Center

Sky Player for Windows Media Center is available today. While it is UK only it’s a great idea and I wish more service providers would look at this model. It allows you to stream on-demand, movies and live events straight to Windows Media Center. It doesn’t require a satellite or set-top box. I wish DirecTV […]