Video: HP Slate

With all the news about the iPad people forget that there are some other very interesting tablets coming out. The HP Slate is one device that will make you take a closer look. With two cameras, front and back, and the full computing experience it will fit the needs of a lot of people. The […]

TiVo Plug-in for Windows Home Server

HP released a free plug-in called mediasmart expander for TiVo. This is very cool since you can use the Windows Home Server as storage of your TiVo recordings. — transfer shows from TiVo to a HP MediaSmart Server and back to TiVo — view TiVo recordings stored on a HP MediaSmart Server — watch TiVo […]

HP MediaSmart Server 3.0 Available for EX47x and EX48x Owners

HP is making the 3.0 software available for EX480/475/485 and 487 owners. The upgrade isn’t free but $25 isn’t bad for all the new features. You also need at least 1GB of memory for some features to work. Now you don’t have to be behind the EX49x owners. This is a good move by HP […]

Video: HP Giant Touch Wall

The HP touch wall isn’t something that you will see in your house anytime soon but it’s still really cool to see. It’s like a giant touchsmart computer. The WSJ had the chance to see it in action. While this screen is call the “wall of touch” you don’t have to touch it for it […]

HP Announces EX490 and EX495 Home Servers With Better Mac Support

HP announced the EX490 and EX495. The best part about these two models is the really nice integration with Mac. Mac Software Updates: * Full OS Backup and Restore * Automatic media collection includes Mac iPhoto, iTunes, and iMovie libraries on the Mac. * Windows Home Server Connector for the Mac The three things above […]

Video: HP MediaSmart Windows Home Server

[ youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnR9SASllSM&rel=1] The video above is an unboxing of the HP MediaSmart Windows Home Server. I originally was going to buy the HP Home Server but decided not to because of price. But as you can see from the video it is really small and the removable hard drives is nice. (via Ian Dixon)