Version 3: Use Time Machine with Windows Home Server

I have continued to work with people on getting Time Machine setup and working with your Windows Home Server. I’m calling these new directions version 3 and it’s easier than the last steps that required an applescript. The reason why the applescript wasn’t working in version 2 is that some people had a Windows partition […]

Video: Create Custom Web Apps in Windows 7 Media Center

The video below is a pretty cool how-to on running web apps in Windows 7 Media Center. They used Google Reader as an example but there are a lot of other services you could add to Windows Media Center. It’s not too complicated to follow. (via TheDigitalLifestyle)

Build a Cheap Whole-House Speaker System

Whole-House speaker systems can cost many thousands of dollars. There are some cheaper solutions but this post at Lifehacker doesn’t get much cheaper. It uses existing phone wiring in the house to distribute the audio signals. You just need powered speakers at the other end. It’s not the easiest and their directions require some soldering […]

Create Panoramic Photos with Windows Live Photo and Image Composite Editor

I thought this was a nice tutorial on using Windows software to make panoramic photos. You’ll need Windows 7 and you should have the gallery downloaded and installed. It’s pretty simple but something that most basic Windows users don’t know about about. I have embedded a video below or you can visit UserWindowsHomeServer for more […]

Get Boxee Beta on the AppleTV

There is already step-by-step instructions on getting the new Boxee Beta on the AppleTV. It’s not the easiest installation, like the old days, but if you like to tinker it shouldn’t take too long. Since I don’t have a AppleTV let me know how it goes. (via AppleTV Hacks)

Build Your Own Ambilight TV

This is a really cool project that creates a Phillips Ambilight TV with a few LED bars. It’s a plug-and-play system that uses the a HTPC to control the LEDs. Complete directions over at fun3’s blog. This might be a project I have to play around with. (via hackaday)