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Build Your Own Home Theater Speakers

I had my powered sub go out on me a couple of months ago.  The foam surround broke apart from old age.  It’s a older Kenwood SW-300 with a 10″ ported sub.  I have been very happy with this sub and very surprised I didn’t blow it to pieces when I was younger. I was […]

Backyard Home Theater for $300

Electronic House has a new article about Ed Sweeting building a backyard home theater for $300.  It wasn’t exactly $300 if you had to buy everything but it looks really good and that’s all that he paid for it.  It shows that if you have the willingness to have something and a little tinkering skills […]

Are You Using Your Surround Sound Speakers?

Sound and Vision has a post about the number of people that don’t hook up their surround (rear) speakers. 50% of people don’t hook up their surround sound speakers. But when asked what other reasons motivated them to buy, the top-ranked responses (aside from brand) were “all-in-one convenience” (cited by 50% of respondents), “less clutter” […]

A Dream Home Theater for 6 million

http://blog.audiovideointeriors.com/208great/ If I had 6 million dollars I probably wouldn’t spend it on a home theater. But I love looking at pictures of crazy home theaters that I’ll never have. This has to be one of the best I have seen. It doesn’t show off fancy wood work, it shows off what every guy likes […]

Home Theater 101

http://www.electronichouse.com/article/home_theater_101/#When:12:20:00Z This is a nice post with some questions and answers of a home theater. These are some basic questions but if your just starting out building a home theater than it might be helpful to you. My goal is to build a HDTV theater in my media room for under $3000. But after building […]

What is the Intel Viiv?

http://www.dvrplayground.com You see the commercials, you see the print ads, but what is Intel Viiv? The article has some good information on what Intel Viiv will get you. It’s perfect for your media center. Yes, it’s a marketing gimmick, which can really turn some people off to a product. But the fact of the matter […]