Home Automation

Video: Control4 OS 2.0

Control4 got an OS update to 2.0. It features a new flash UI that looks pretty good. It has tools for developers, support for new products and an app store. You can check out the video demo below.

Control4 for iPad

The iPad is perfect for Home Automation. It is at least half the cost of a standalone touch based controller. Control4 has already released an app that allows you to control home automation things like lights, climate and music. The video below is an overview of the app. I have been exploring home automation over […]

Nokia N800/N810 into an INSTEON Home Automation Controller

Insteon now has an installer for the Nokia N800 and N810.  InterfaceGO will allow you to wirelessly control your home automation from the touch screen of the N800/N810.  I think it’s great that these home automation companies take the control to devices consumers already have.  The software is $119.95 but you also have to have […]

Embedded Automation’s mPanel Review

EngadgetHD has a nice review of Embedded Automation’s mPanel.  mPanel is an inexpensive way to add some automation to your house.  You can build the system to control as much or as little as you want depending on your price range.  If you have never looked into home automation it is a nice post to […]