New HDTV Energy Star Standards

The new energy star requirements 4.0 for HDTVs have dropped energy consumption by almost half on a 50″ set. These standards take effect on any set manufactured after May 1st 2010. The 3.0 specs mean that a 50″ HDTV could use 318 watts while 4.0 specs means a 50″ set can only use 153 watts. […]

The New TiVo Premiere

TiVo after many years has updated it’s TiVo to Series 4. There are going to be two version, a base and a THX XL model. The base to have 320GB hard drive and the XL to have a 1TB drive. The UI had a refresh and is now featured in HD. I won’t pretend to […]

Details about the new DirecTV H24-100

DBSTalk has details on the new DirecTV H24-100. There are a few key features to this receiver has that their current lineup doesn’t. The receiver is only HD, not a DVR, but it has multi-room viewing capabilities. If you have HD DVRs in your house it can pull those recordings. You can read my review […]

Control FiOS TV From Your Droid or Imagio

Verizon has released a remote control app for the Droid and Imagio. It acts as a TV remote allowing you to change channels, record, pause and anything else your remote can do. It does all that over wireless in your home. Another really cool feature is that it will allow you to stream pictures from […]

XStreamHD Up for Pre-Order

The XStreamHD is up for pre-order. It only takes $25 and you have to live in the U.S. I think the XStreamHD has some cool new features and it could be useful. The problem I have is price and an additional satellite dish. It will be interesting to see some reviews when they start shipping. […]

Review: DirecTV Multi-Room Viewing

DirecTV announced multi-room viewing a little over a month ago. I finally got around to setting it up and putting it through it’s paces. Like I said before the service is only in beta. DirecTV is not supporting the service right now so don’t call about it if you have trouble. The service is also […]