HD-DVD a good buy

I have been recommending HD-DVD drives lately to people. Some people question why I would recommend something that is officially dead. Well the reason is it still plays regular DVDs. Don’t think of it as a Hi-Def player but as a nice upconvert DVD player that you get a few Hi-Def disks for free. With […]

Bye Bye HD-DVD, Media Center switching to Blu-ray

I made my predictions about HD-DVD and I was wrong. I thought for sure with the cheaper prices and better features it would win. Now the high-end media centers are switching to Blu-ray. Niveus is now supporting Blu-ray and stopping production of HD-DVD media centers. You can read more about that here and here. My […]

BD+ cranked with AnyDVD

http://www.slysoft.com/en/anydvdhd.htmlThe BD+ DRM for Blu-Ray discs was cracked which is good news for the consumer. Now with AnyDVD you can copy those discs to your hard drive. This was already possible with HD-DVD though. And my favorite part is a quote from the change log. Note to Twentieth Century Fox: As you can see, BD+ […]

90000 HD-DVD players sold in 72 hours

I’m sure everyone heard of the specials going on with the Toshiba HD-DVD drives. The estimates are that 90,000 units were sold as part of the special in just 72 hours. That’s a nice push for HD-DVD to win the format war. I’ll just put my prediction that HD-DVD will win this war in the […]

Cheap HD-DVD drive for your HTPC

http://www.legitreviews.com/article/532/1/ When you think of a cheap HD-DVD for your HTPC your probably looking at $300 for a internal player. But what about the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive. You can find it for around $100. Less than $100 if you find it on sale and Sams club. Legit Reviews has the steps it takes to […]