Hava Pro HD

Buy Hava Gold and Platnium

Have you been waiting for the Hava Gold or Platnium. You can buy them both now. You can check out my past posts on Hava here. I still haven’t heard anything more about MCE support with them. Originally it was said that the Hava Gold will show up as a tuner card in MCE. Lets […]

Hava Gold HD with MCE

http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/news_press_release,48242.shtml Earth Times has some more info on the Hava Gold HD. All of the Hava streamers have MCE support. I’m curious on what this actually means. The article says that you can use the Hava Gold HD as a tuner for your MCE. It will show up on your MCE machine as an available […]

Hava Media Streamer the HD pro

http://www.snappymultimedia.com/index.php If your looking for a set-top box that will allow you to stream your content anywhere in your house then this is for you. It also allows viewing of content over the Internet, and multiple people in the house can watch different things. It also works well with Microsoft Media Center PCs. It doesn’t […]