Deal: Gyration Media Center Remote and Keyboard has the Gyration Media Center Remote and Keyboard for $64.99 with free shipping. I have been passing this along to friends at work but I thought I would share it here. So if you have been looking for a remote and keyboard for your media center this is a good deal.

Review: Gyration Media Center Remote

Gyration Media Center remote is a nice remote for the media center. One of the reasons why is it has Gyroscopic Motion-Sensing technology. This means you can move the mouse around on the screen by just moving the remote. This is the same remote that the Alienware Hangar18 comes with. CyberNetNews has a nice review […]

Gyration Ultra R4000 remote

Gyration creates motion-sensing remote controls. The R4000 is one of those. It features a LCD screen that shows music info and playlists. It can control all of your Windows Media Center functions as well. It also can be used to control all your other A/V gear you have. It features radio frequency (RF) for the […]

Gyration Media Center Remote Have you ever been watching your Windows Media Center and the cursor pops up in front of the menus? This usually happens to me when updates come up on the computer. This remote will allow you to move the cursor out of the way or close annoying boxes that come up. I feel the […]