Garmin Announced the GPSMAP 62 Series Handheld GPS

Garmin announced the GPSMAP 62 Series. It’s the next version of the very popular 60 Series handhelds. I actually use the 60csx for Geocaching and really like it. The new 62 Series adds some nice improvements. The screen size is the same but the improvements came where it’s needed when you’re out in the woods. […]

GPS Functionality On The iPod Touch

The one feature I have been wanting on the iPod Touch, well the iPad too, is GPS. Location based services are hot right now and will continue to grow. TUAW has a write up for getting GPS functionality on the Touch. No it’s not built-in and hidden. No it won’t work unless you jailbreak the […]

BirdsEye Satellite Imagery from Garmin

BirdsEye satellite imagery from Garmin will give you detailed images on your Garmin handheld devices. It only works with their expensive GPS line: Colorado, Dakota and Oregon. It’s also not a free service at $30. As someone that goes geocaching a lot having detailed maps will be very helpful. My only complaint is that you […]

Video: Google Maps Navigation

Google Maps Navigation looks awesome. You get live data from the internet and satellite views. Check out the video above. Works with Android 2.0 devices and will be free. More at the Google Mobile Blog.

Homer Simpson Voice on TomTom GPS

TomTom has released the Homer Simpson voice for their GPS. Pretty cool to show off but if you really wanted to get somewhere he would probably annoy you. It would still provide some entertainment as your traveling down the road. Click the link above to hear a few samples.