Google+ Adds Popular Posts, Ripples and Photo Editing

Google is adding some great new features to Google+. The hot news or popular posts is like a trending topics. It will make it easier to find new popular information. Ripples is a feature that came from Wave. It gives analytics on a posts and how it spread. Last new feature is photo editing. It’s […]

Video: Inside a Google Data Center

A look inside a Google Data Center is rare. They don’t allow just anyone to visit. They did take us on a little tour with the video below. They posted it to their GoogleApps Youtube channel. While we don’t get to see racks and racks of server there is some interesting information in the video. […]

Video: Android 3.0 Honeycomb Preview

Google released a little video preview of Android 3.0. It’s a redesigned UI that was built for tablets. The best feature I see is tabbed browsing. I’m just hoping these features make it into smartphones. Video is below.

Google CR-48 Running Mac OS X and Windows 7

While lots of people have been helping Google test the CR-48, there are a few that would rather see what the laptop can do. The videos below show Mac OS X and Windows 7 running on the CR-48. I’m still waiting for Google to ship my CR-48.

Google Search Adds Instant Previews

It wasn’t that long ago that Google added instant search results. Now they are adding instant previews for the results. Click on the magnifying glass next to the title and it will give you a snap shot of the site. Video demo below.

Google Launched the Google TV Site

Google launched it’s Google TV website. Google TV will launch with lots of apps available like Twitter, Netflix, Pandora and Amazon Video. They are also going to have a Android and iPhone app as a remote control. While I did just buy a AppleTV I think Google TV has it beat out of the gate. […]