Google Voice

Sprint + Google Voice

Google and Sprint have teamed up to integrate Google Voice into the phone. While I used Google Voice on Android via an app, it wasn’t the same. With this partnership your Google Voice number is your Sprint mobile number. This is great news for Sprint customers but I hope they are just the first carrier […]

Port Your Number to Google Voice

Google Voice will now allow you to port your existing number. It cost $20 plus whatever your carrier fees might be. While I use Google Voice for my voicemail, I probably won’t be porting any numbers over. I thought about my home phone but it wasn’t allowed. You can watch the video below that explains […]

Google Voice Desktop App

The Google Voice desktop app isn’t released but TechCrunch has it and tested it out on video. I’m just hoping this isn’t too far away from public release. I have embedded the video below.

Google Voice for Everyone

It’s available to everyone in the United States. Google Voice is being used by millions of users including myself. Ever since I got my Android phone I have been using it for my voicemail. You can read more about it on the Google blog.

Get Your Google Voice Invite, If You’re a Student

If you want a Google Voice invite you need to have a .edu email address. Google is offering invites to all students. They say you should have your invite within 24 hours. The service is really popular but rollout seems to be slow. Giving it to all students is one way to rollout fairly quickly.

Google Voice Explained

Google posted a new video explaining Google Voice. I use Google Voice as my voicemail since I got my Droid. The transcripts are awful but it’s still a great service. Google Blog