GlideTV Navigator Remote Review

I have been somewhat critical of the GlideTV Remote since it was announced. There have been a few reviews that have made me rethink the remote. Brent from GeekTonic reviewed the remote and did a great job at it. Pretty much anything you wanted to know about the remote is in the review. The remote […]

GlideTV HTPC Remote Gets Reviewed

ZatzNotFunny got the chance to play around with the new GlideTV HTPC remote. I wasn’t that thrilled with the remote when it was first announced which was apparent by my blog post. After reading over Dave’s hands on, who was also skeptical, I’m rethinking some of my negative comments about it. I still think it’s […]

GlideTV Navigator: Media Center Trackpad

GlideTV Navigator is a trackpad for home theater PCs. It works with Windows, Mac and PS3. The shape is strange and I would love to see a video of someone actually navigating around with this. There are some other HTPC keyboards with trackpads that I feel would be better than just a trackpad. The GlideTV […]