Niveus CableCard Hands-On While this is way out of my price range I love the possibilities of CableCard. This hands-on by Gizmodo is great. And just remember that all new technology is expensive. Just look at DVD players and how much they use to go for, and now you can get them for $30. And another comparison […]

Microsoft Fanboy contest Gizmodo has a contest where you can win some cool Microsoft products. This includes Vista Ultimate and Office 2007. The above picture is what I decided to submit. I thought about loading up over 100 laptops into XP but I thought the iMacs running Windows looked a little better. I’m just a lucky guy […]

Apple to open FairPlay DRM this week Gizmodo has a rumor that the Apple FairPlay DRM will be opened to other companies for the “Made for iPod”. Apple I take back everything I have said bad about you if this happens. I for one love iTunes. I think it’s the best online music store for content and navigation. But if this […]

HD movie downloads The xbox 360 HD movie sales are doing good. People are still complaining about storage space which is true since 20GB for HD content is nothing. But the 360 is part of a bigger picture and that is the Media Center. So 20 GB is plenty on your xbox when you got a Windows […]