Get Your Google Wave Invite Here

It seems like a good day to give away free stuff. So I’ll start it off with some Google Wave invites. I’ll give at least 10 invites out. All you have to do is leave a comment below. Make sure it’s a valid email address. I will use to select the winners. I’ll pick […]

DRM-free music the way it should be

If your the type of person that likes the local town bands then check out this site. Music is free of DRM and free of charge until the demand grows. The pricing of the songs grows as more people download it. It stops at 99 cents. Not a bad way to get your music out […]

Free Mac Software Well lately I have been seeing a lot of “must have”, top 10 lists, and essential Mac apps. Well visit Open Source Mac. There is a long list of software broken into categories for everything you would need to get through the day on your Mac. The software is free. Of course there are […]

Firefox is available Well I’m glad Mozilla released an update for Firefox. It seems to be much more stable then the the release of 2. So far no lockups. I’m keeping my fingers crossed though. I’ll give an update after using it for a few days on my Mac.

Get free $15 iTunes gift card Well if you follow the link and fill out a short survey they will send you a $15 iTunes gift card. It is a survey for Fujitsu about your scanner usage. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Also by filling it out you will have a chance to get a $100 […]