firefox 2

Firefox Bug fixes The link will take you to a list of things that Mozilla fixed with the update for Firefox. From the site: “Bugs fixed for Firefox ~183 in total; 42 crashers, 3 memory leaks, 41 regressions and 4 privacy-related bugs.” The 42 crashers could have been my problem. But I used Firefox all of […]

Firefox is available Well I’m glad Mozilla released an update for Firefox. It seems to be much more stable then the the release of 2. So far no lockups. I’m keeping my fingers crossed though. I’ll give an update after using it for a few days on my Mac.

Firefox 2 fix for MacBook Pro

Well I complained that Firefox 2 was crashing all the time on my MacBook Pro. Well I got it working a lot better now. I figured I better share some info in case others are still having trouble. It’s really easy. Open up the Macintosh HD or whatever you call it now. Search for Firefox. […]

Reasons not to upgrade to Firefox 2 Well I guess I’m not the only one that’s having problems with Firefox 2. I have tested it on my Windows machine and it works fine. But I think that the new IE 7 is better. On my Mac Firefox 2 is useless. Certain websites will crash it, including some of Google’s sites. The […]