Control FiOS TV From Your Droid or Imagio

Verizon has released a remote control app for the Droid and Imagio. It acts as a TV remote allowing you to change channels, record, pause and anything else your remote can do. It does all that over wireless in your home. Another really cool feature is that it will allow you to stream pictures from […]

Android App for Verizon FiOS

Verizon has released a Android App for FiOS TV. It gives you the ability to schedule recording, parental controls, view DVR space and browse VOD. I don’t have FiOS but I did do a search and seen it was showing up on my Droid. I just searched for FiOS. Verizon does offer a mobile site […]

FiOS TV Updates for Mac Support

Verizon has updated FiOS TV to work with Mac. The Media Manager for Mac streams iTunes playlists, albums and slideshows. It’s not as full featured as the version for Windows but it’s great to see and will only get better. I’m waiting for Verizon to launch FiOS in my area. I have a box right […]