Elgato Releases the EyeTV HD

Elgato released the EyeTV HD for cable and satellite HD content. It takes the component output on your set top box and feeds it into your computer, allowing you to record in HD with the EyeTV software. The EyeTV software is pretty slick along with the iPhone app that will allow you to stream to […]

Elgato Announced the EyeTV Netstream DTT

Elgato has a new tuner on the market. The EyeTV Netstream DTT is a dual network tuner that works with Mac and Windows Media Center. The nice thing about a network tuner is they don’t have to be next to your computer. They can also stream to multiple computer in the house. This tuner isn’t […]

EyeTV Launches Live TV Streaming Over 3g

EyeTV launched Live TV streaming to the iPhone over 3g. It’s a web app that you pull up in the Safari browser. By going to live3g.eyetv.com you are prompted to logon. You can watch your recordings along with live Tv. It’s not full featured like the iPhone App, which costs $4.99, but it might save […]

EyeTV Releases Placeshifting iPhone App

Elgato has released a placeshifting app for the iPhone. The app is $5 and allows you to watch, record, and enjoy live and recorded TV on your iPhone or iPod touch. I always like the eyeTV software because of its OS X look and feel. I haven’t really used it much since early version 3 […]

Elgato EyeTV 3 available today

Elgato EyeTV 3 Elgato’s eyeTV software is now at version 3 and ready for you to buy. It is $79.95 or $39.95 if you are upgrading. You are eligible for a free upgrade if you purchased eyeTV on or after December 21st 2007. Some of the new features are list below. 1. New, Intuitive Programs […]

EyeTV now Leopard compatible

http://elgato.com/index.php?file=support_updates_eyetv2 Elgato has updated it’s eyeTV software to be compatible with Leopard. This was quick on elgato’s part and is appreciated by it’s users. There are a few new features below. Leopard features galore. Spaces support (so that TV shows can follow you, whichever Space you swap to), QuickLook for your recordings, and the ability […]