DISH VIP 922 Slingbox DVR is Here

I posted a video of the Dish VIP 922 back in January 09. It’s finally time for Dish to release the DVR to the masses. It’s a sling loaded DVR with 1TB of hard drive space. It also has all those apps the video shows even though I don’t understand apps on your TV while […]

DirecTV TiVo Won’t Be Premier

The new TiVo Premier was announced just a few days ago and people were wondering if the DirecTV/TiVo deal would get the new stuff. The answer to that is no. While TiVo might be moving ahead with new software and hardware the DirecTV version will be on the old stuff. “Their [DirecTV’s] next implementation of […]

The New TiVo Premiere

TiVo after many years has updated it’s TiVo to Series 4. There are going to be two version, a base and a THX XL model. The base to have 320GB hard drive and the XL to have a 1TB drive. The UI had a refresh and is now featured in HD. I won’t pretend to […]

Review: DirecTV Multi-Room Viewing

DirecTV announced multi-room viewing a little over a month ago. I finally got around to setting it up and putting it through it’s paces. Like I said before the service is only in beta. DirecTV is not supporting the service right now so don’t call about it if you have trouble. The service is also […]

Comcast Remote DVR Scheduling has Arrived

Comcast is rolling out remote DVR scheduling over the next few months. This is good news for a lot of people that have been waiting for this functionality. I remember when my parents got a Comcast HD DVR after moving into a new house and I was telling them how cool a DVR was. I […]

DTVPal DVR Coming Soon

Dish Network is releasing soon the DTVPal DVR.  The best part is that is will include Dish’s DVR software and from what I hear is very good.  This is a OTA (over the air) DVR that won’t have monthly service fees associated with it.  It’s going to sell for $300.  The look isn’t anything to […]