R2-D2 Live Wallpapers Available for Download

Even if you didn’t want to buy the R2-D2 Droid you can download the live wallpapers. You’ll find the link over at Droid-Life. I have embedded a video of them below but really I’m not that impressed with them.

Droid Eris is Getting Android 2.1 Upgrade Now

Verizon has started rolling out Android 2.1 to Droid Eris owners. Everyone I know with the Droid Eris hasn’t received the update yet. It’s a slow rollout like the Droid so if you didn’t get it yesterday or today you will still be receiving it in the next few days.

Manually Update Your Droid to Android 2.1

If you’re too impatient to wait for Verizon to send you the 2.1 update you can manually do it yourself. MobileCrunch has the directions on getting it installed. There are a few steps but it’s fairly simple if you follow them. I haven’t done the upgrade yet but it’s probably on my list of things […]

Control FiOS TV From Your Droid or Imagio

Verizon has released a remote control app for the Droid and Imagio. It acts as a TV remote allowing you to change channels, record, pause and anything else your remote can do. It does all that over wireless in your home. Another really cool feature is that it will allow you to stream pictures from […]

Get Multitouch On Droid or Nexus One

There is a way to get multitouch on the Droid and Nexus One, but you have to root your phone to do so. Gizmodo has the how-to on how to make it happen. Even though I have a Droid, rooting my phone isn’t something that I want to do. If you are feeling adventurous the […]

Get Swype for Droid

Swype for Droid has been unoffically released. MobileCrunch has directions on getting it up and running. The steps don’t seem difficult and are easy to follow. Swype has been wanting OEM installs so this might be the only way your going to get it on Android for awhile. Some of the comments said they had […]