Video: Build a Self-Balancing Lego Robot

We have been building a lot of Lego robots at work for a workshop. We have golfing and batting bots. Building a segway bot out of Lego is pretty sweet. Especially when they provide the directions on how to do so and say it can be done in 30 minutes. You can find those directions […]

Build Your Own HDTV Antenna

OTA HDTV anteannas can cost a lot of money.  And if you have searched around for one you probably noticed that they get mixed reviews, mostly becuase of the area you are in.  Antennas are in different directions and different distances.  If you don’t want to spend a lot of money follow this guide on […]

Build Your Own Home Theater Speakers

I had my powered sub go out on me a couple of months ago.  The foam surround broke apart from old age.  It’s a older Kenwood SW-300 with a 10″ ported sub.  I have been very happy with this sub and very surprised I didn’t blow it to pieces when I was younger. I was […]

Build your own Multimedia PC Electronic House has an article about building a multimedia PC. The article is long and gives some good information if your planning on building your first multimedia PC. They talk about HD video/audio and which components they used. I would say it would be good for a beginner to read. They do talk about […]

Build a home theater If your the type of person that likes to do things yourself and want to build a home theater then I suggest reading this article. I have read it a few times since I’m considering building my own home theater. The article has some really good information that you might not have thought about […]

In and Out Audio system

Well we finished my brothers house not to long ago. We installed 5.1 surround sound in the walls in the living room. We also setup speakers on the back pourch, the front pourch, and the garage. The install was pretty easy since it was new construction. We used phoenix gold speakers in the house and […]