D-Link DSM-330 Headed to the US

Engadget HD The D-Link DSM-330 headed to the US. This is a Divx Connected device that supports Stage6. It will handle almost any file format. It is due the first part of 2008.

xbox 360 now with divx/xvid

Gizmodo The fall update for the xbox 360 is bringing some gifts for divx/xvid lovers. The update now includes support for divx and xvid. Gizmodo had great information on the new update. They actually said it was “Almost Perfect”. Some things they talked about in detail are below: – You can play files off of […]

Divx coming to xbox 360?

Together with http://seekingalpha.com/article/53570-divx-and-xbox-360-a-potential-win-win-for-everyoneIt looks like Divx isn’t just coming to the media center extenders, but to the xbox 360 too. Kevin Hell kinda spilled the beans that it is coming to the xbox 360. The dialog from that conversation is below. Coster – “Just a minor point here, but there was a recent Microsoft (MSFT) […]

Tvix M-5100 video