Dish Network

DISH VIP 922 Slingbox DVR is Here

I posted a video of the Dish VIP 922 back in January 09. It’s finally time for Dish to release the DVR to the masses. It’s a sling loaded DVR with 1TB of hard drive space. It also has all those apps the video shows even though I don’t understand apps on your TV while […]

Video: Dish Network Media Center Tuner

The video above is of the Dish Network Media Center Tuner. Looks good but it’s not available yet and they won’t tell anyone when or if ever. EngadgetHD took the video and has some a little more information. I just wish DirecTV was still working on a tuner.

Dish Network HD receiver for two rooms

Dish NetworkDish Networks VIP622 will allow you to view HD content as well as be a DVR in two rooms. They also have the VIP which will do two rooms but one room will be in standard definition and doesn’t include the option for DVR. If your serious about your HDTV and need DVR functionality […]