DirecTV App for Android

DirecTV released their DVR scheduler app for Android. I used it last night to set my DVR to record Lost from my Droid. The interface is very similar to the iPhone app but not quite as polished. The iPhone app has a little more time to mature. It’s a great start and I’m happy to […]

DirecTV Multi-Room Viewing is Here

DirecTV with a new software update has released multi-room viewing to the masses. It is a opt-in service and only in beta. That means you have to know how to set it up and DirecTV won’t be giving support on it. DBSTalk has info on the forums on how to set it up and if […]

DirecTV is Launching a 3D Channel Next Year

DirecTV will be launching a 3D channel next year. They will make the announcement at CES this year. This goes along with their new satellite launch last night that will bring over 200 HD channels and HD locals in more markets. 3D doesn’t really get me excited but I love to see a company I […]

DirecTV Launches TV Apps

DirecTV has launched a new service called TV Apps. It’s widgets for you TV. The program is in public beta right now. It will work with any receiver with Internet access. You can choose from many different widgets like weather and sports scores. You can manage your widgets online. I was surprised by the number […]

Video: DirecTV Launches iPhone App

DBSTalk has a first look at the new DirecTV app for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Looks like it will be easier to program the DVR than with a remote. There is a video below.

DirectTV tuners for Windows Media Center?

I posted about going to HD at home but I also mentioned something about DirecTV’s unreleased tuners for Windows Media Center. I got some questions about that so I thought I would clear things up. I don’t know for sure if DirecTV is going to release a tuner for Windows Media Center. I’m making a […]