Digital Tuner for $49

Digital Trends Hauppauge announced a $49 PCI express tuner for your computer. That’s a great deal I just wish they had a PCI version. The tuner does NTSC, ATCS and clear QAM. It is has Windows Vista Media Center drivers. Oh and it comes with a remote and WinTV 6. This will sell like crazy […]

Pinnacle Video Transfer

If you have lots of old VHS tapes this might the device for you. It lets you stream anything to it through component or S-Video. It converts it to up to 720×480 H.264 MPEG-4 to your iPod or other USB devices. It is going to be available for $130, so it’s a small price to […]

Vista View dual tuner card

We are going to start seeing a lot more of the dual tuner cards. This one by Vista View has Analog and Digital capabilities. It is also in a low profile for better air circulation. Check out the Key features below. You can buy one for around $99. Vistaview Saber DA-1N1-I Combo Analog/Digital PCI TV […]