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TuneUp for Windows Media Player Released

TuneUp for Windows Media Player has been released. It allows you to get song metadata and cover art. The iTunes version and the new Windows Media Player version now allow you to share music with social networks. ehomeupgrade has a 20% off coupon if you’re interested in purchasing.

How-To: Rip Music Like a Pro

Gizmodo has a great how-to on ripping your CDs to digital. People don’t put much thought into ripping your CDs, it’s pretty easy, but you probably should. Once the file is ripped off the CD you probably won’t touch the CD again. You need to make sure the first rip is the best quality it […]

Comparing Joost, VeohTV, Babgelgum and Democracy

TV Squad This is a nice post comparing Joost, VeohTV, Babelgum and Democracy. There is also a link in the article by another blogger comparing them. Lots of good information to help you choose your Internet TV program. Or you can just install all of them and use them. And that’s why the one program […]

Mac 3 room video setup

Background: I have been setting up 3 rooms for video recording. These are confidential recordings so I needed a digital setup but one that couldn’t be accessed from anywhere but the 3 rooms. Two of the rooms are just strictly recording rooms while the third is for recording but also needed to be mobile so […]

Digital Media: Who has the lead?

For some time now Apple has been the leader in providing digital media. That’s because of their iPod lineup. The iPod has continued to get better with battery life, size, and styles. You can find an iPod that fits any type of person. But now the big company, Microsoft, is stepping into the game where […]