Video: Dell Netbook/Tablet Hybrid

The new Dell Netbook/Tablet hybrid laptop looks really cool. It’s a 10″ screen that’s powered by an Atom. I have embedded a video below. The interface really does need a lot of work. They have trouble getting the touchscreen to respond. Reminds me of the Latitude 2100 I had which shipped with linux and a […]

Dell Zino HD Now Available

Dell has released the Inspiron Zino HD. I posted about it awhile back and how it would be a great HTPC computer. I think it might be even better now because it starts at $229 and is expandable to Dual Core processor, 8GB of memory and 512MB graphics card. With the HDMI output it would […]

Video: Dell Adamo XPS

When is a laptop too thin? I like the outside appearance, with screen closed, of the Dell Adamo XPS but once it opens up it looks like it was smashed and the internals busted out the sides and back. Compared to other thin 13″ laptops it is wider and longer. For example the MacBook Air, […]

Dell Latitude Z

Dell Latitude Z from Gizmodo on Vimeo. The Dell Latitude Z got the hands on treatment by Gizmodo. Our Dell rep, where I work, mentioned this about a year ago. It seems it took some extra time to get everything working well. The best part about the Latitude Z is the wireless technology. You can […]

Dell Zino HD: Your New HTPC

The new Dell Zino HD has the same form factor as the Mac Mini. It sports HDMI, ESATA, USB, ethernet and a card reader. That’s all the details we get right now. No specs and price is announced yet. They are just teasing us with pictures. With the popularity of the Mac Mini as a […]

Dell Mini 10 Getting GPS and Wi-Fi Positioning

Dell announced today that the Mini 10 will be getting GPS and Wi-Fi positioning. The GPS chip along with the Wi-Fi will be used to calculate your position. The Mini 10 will be the first system to offer the GPS built-in. The initial release will support Windows XP and Vista with support for Windows 7 […]