Amazon Offering Free One-Day Shipping

Amazon is offering free one-day shipping on select items. There are a lot of categories that qualify like electronics and video games. If you have waited until the last minute to do your Christmas shopping you can still save money only and get it here in time.

The Kindle and Nook Drop Price

You can say it’s because of the iPad but for whatever the reason the Kindle and Nook are dropping in price. The Kindle dropped to $189 and the Nook dropped to $149 for the WiFi version and $199 for the 3G version. It started with Barnes and Noble dropping the price first and Amazon followed […]

Deal: High-Def Week on Amazon

It’s High-Def week on Amazon from June 7th to the 11th. If you are looking for gifts for Fathers day coming up or you just want so spoil yourself it’s probably a good idea to check the Amazon’s Gold Box deal. They also have lighting deals throughout the day if you want to keep hitting […]

Deal: HDHomeRun for $127

If you want a great network tuner, Amazon has the HDHomeRun for $127 with free shipping. I have been following the prices since I’m interested in purchasing one. It’s about as low as I have seen it come up for the dual tuner version.

Zune HD Gets a Price Drop

Looks like Amazon is giving a little price break on the Zune HD models. It’s $30 to $40 off depending on model. While I haven’t had the luxury of using the new Zunes, wish I could, I have heard many good things about them. If you’re in the market for a MP3 player you can […]

Get a Kindle by Christmas

Amazon has free one-day shipping on the kindle. If you’re a late shopper there is still time. I am just imagining Kindles in boxes scattered all over the world ready to be sent to their final destination. If you are in the market, having it tomorrow at no extra charge is great.