crunch gear

Anti-PS3 Video This video is really good. It is a anti PS3 video. Well worth the 3 minutes out of my life. Also I saw this video over at CrunchGear. If you don’t visit that site you should. They have some cool gadget stuff on there. And no I don’t work for them. Um, Um, Um, […]

Best tech toys of 2006 The list by Crunch Gear is a very good list. The only thing I would have to put on the list is the Wii. It is the most innovative gaming console. And of the three that are out, is the most “fun” to play. I am glad the Xbox 360 got on the list […]

Thanks Crunch Gear

I would like to say thanks to Crunch Gear for the T Mobile Dash. If you don’t remember check out this for the details. But anyway thanks.