Video: Olympic IT Group

The video doesn’t show all the computers, servers and storage but it’s still cool to hear how much they have. Who would have thought it would take 6,000 PCs, 800 servers and 130 terabytes to bring the world the Olympics online. More at Cnet

Homemade Carputer

I have always wanted to install a computer in a my car and have it sync my digital media while I park in the garage. The carputer project over at AvBrand takes my idea and adds everything I could imagine. It features the usual, 3g service and GPS, but it also features some custom things […]

HD Plex’s Fanless HTPC Case

HD Plex announced new fanless HTPC cases. Noise has always been a complaint when you have your HTPC sitting next to your TV. It’s one reason why extenders were so popular over the Xbox 360. The HD Plex cases look alright but there is no pricing yet. It’s always possible to build your own silent […]

ThermalTake does Refrigerent Cooling

ThermalTake has a new computer case out that gets the cooling job done with refrigerent.  The diagram above shows how it works.  I personally love this idea.  Back when I was working on my mineral oil computer I had a dream of adding freon and a compressor for cooling.  After seeing this case I might […]

A letter to Dell Computer

Hey Dell, I hear you have some cool new laptops available. The XPS M1330, the Inspiron 1520 and the Inspiron 1420. The best part about these new laptops are they come in colors. Colors are so cool, I am a red guy. You can even get the LED backlight on the M1330 if you want. […]

2 years of mineral oil computing

It is two years today since I posted my mineral oil computer. I haven’t changed the mineral oil and it still works. Like I said before it has been in a garage for months, then went to storage for about 4 months, then came back and went to an attic, and now it is in […]