Control Your Computer with a Ball

Puyocon is a ball shape user interface for your computer. It uses pressure sensors and movement to control the mouse. I’m not sure I would want to wave my arms around controlling a mouse but it’s a cool concept that follows where new computer interfaces are going. Input devices are changing into devices that require […]

Thermaltake Level 10 Review

The Thermaltake Level 10 computer case is completely different but is completely awesome. Gizmodo has a review of the case and it doesn’t disappoint, unless price is a factor. The case is $850 which is way above most big cases on the market. What you get is a unique case that was designed by BMW. […]

Dell Zino HD Now Available

Dell has released the Inspiron Zino HD. I posted about it awhile back and how it would be a great HTPC computer. I think it might be even better now because it starts at $229 and is expandable to Dual Core processor, 8GB of memory and 512MB graphics card. With the HDMI output it would […]

Homemade Carputer

I have always wanted to install a computer in a my car and have it sync my digital media while I park in the garage. The carputer project over at AvBrand takes my idea and adds everything I could imagine. It features the usual, 3g service and GPS, but it also features some custom things […]

HD Plex’s Fanless HTPC Case

HD Plex announced new fanless HTPC cases. Noise has always been a complaint when you have your HTPC sitting next to your TV. It’s one reason why extenders were so popular over the Xbox 360. The HD Plex cases look alright but there is no pricing yet. It’s always possible to build your own silent […]

Building a Hackintosh for Snow Leopard

Lifehacker has a great how-to on building a machine from scratch to use with Snow Leopard. The how-to is complete with parts list and a price tag of $900. It’s basically a Mac Pro when your finished. The steps are easy and with the parts list you know everything will work. I have been wanting […]